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Light Therapy

Every one faces many problem of skin due to pollution, stress, and unhealthy diet. This will causes acne on the skin and aging. We will help you for getting good results for your skin.

With Derma Pod system one additional package of derma pod satellite is provided. This Derma Pod satellite package having three different modules: Multi-layer Skin Rejuvenation which can be useful in renovation of your skin. Neck & Neckline Lifting which will help to tighten skin layer of your neck and neckline. Photo Treatment for Acne Prone Skin can be use to improve your bad skin. Now it is available in new Pure Light G Satellite which can reduce melanin production in skin.

Derma Pod MicroDermabrasion technology provide endless possibility to fight against aging and specific skin problem. The technology developed with combination of MicroDermabrasion, micro currents and light therapy. This device has 40 pre programmed settings and computerized functions for controlling, also color coded tips and disposable container will available with this skin care device. In addition 2 hand pieces and 3 pairs of protection glasses are included in the price of device.

MicroDermabrasion equipment
A powerful motor use for the treatment: In this treatment natural mineral crystals are anticipated with high velocity. A turbo flow projection system used to deliver a flow of fluid crystal safely and in perfect manner without irritation. Computerized functionality for perfect outcome and pre programmed facility for instant settings. Also has setting for delicate areas like eye line etc.

At Beauty by laser we are offering different treatments as well.

Kinelife Treatment:
This is regarding to multi layer skin rejuvenation. Kinelife treatment is developed for controlling aging process with the help of activating epidermis and its internal structure. In this treatment a LED light therapy modulated with micro current is given to remove age related problems and improves muscle tone. Because of this treatment skin will look younger than before. Kinelife treatments help to active muscle for getting more oxygen and nutrition and slow down the aging process.

Dermalift Treatment:
This treatment is related to neck and neckline lifting. It is a great skin tightening process of neck and neckline. Along with increasing age, neck and neckline skin loss its elasticity. So this will help to gain its elasticity and tighten facial and neckline skin.

Purelight Treatment:
This treatment is purely for bad skin cleaning program. In this treatment anti bacterial process is applied on skin to clear and blemishes the skin. It will help to make skin smooth and calm.

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